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Terms and conditions


Clause 1 - Online Application Terms

The placing of an online order indicates unequivocally the full and unconditional acceptance and endorsement by the Buyer of all the terms and conditions of sale as set out in this website and as may be amended from time to time, notwithstanding any other term or condition stated by the Vendor in any brochure, catalogue, advertisement or any other document issued by the Vendor.

By accessing the website, the Buyer accepts and agrees to be bound, without limitation or qualification by all the terms and conditions as set out by the Vendor in these pages and as reflected in this website agreement.

This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Vendor and Buyer with respect to the use of this website. There shall be no waiver of any terms and conditions of sale or agreement unless the same is in writing and agreed to by both parties.

In the event of any conflict between any provision in these terms and conditions of online sale and purchase as stated herein and any other term found in any other page or document in this website, the provisions in these terms and conditions of online sale and purchase shall prevail.

The Vendor reserves the absolute right to vary or amend the terms of conditions of sale from time to time without giving prior notice of the same to the Buyer.

Clause 2 - Operating Hours & Delivery Time

The Vendor’s normal operating hours at the retail outlets are as stated in this website, which hours may be amended from time to time.

Notwithstanding the above, online orders and purchases can be made at any time.

The delivery times are as follows :

  • For all order placed and confirmed before 9 am, deliveries will be made within the same working day from 11 am onwards.
  • For all orders placed and confirmed between 9 am and before 1 pm, deliveries will be made within the same working day from 2 pm onwards.
  • For orders placed from Monday to Friday and confirmed before 10am (except products that require more leadtime), deliveries will be made on the same working day before 6pm
  • For orders placed from Monday to Friday and confirmed between 1pm - 7pm (except products that require more leadtime), deliveries will be made on next working day before 5pm.
  • For all order placed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays (except products that require more leadtime), deliveries will be made on next working day.
  • Notwithstanding the above, during peaks seasons which include but are not limited to the following; Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, the said delivery schedule may be adjusted at the absolute discretion of the Vendor and from time to time, without assigning any prior notice or reason whatsoever.
  • The delivery schedule as may be amended from time to time, may be posted on the Vendor’s website.

Clause 3 - Registration & Confirmation

The Buyer undertakes full responsibility for all or any information provided to the Vendor when placing his order and shall not hold the Vendor responsible for any error or omission leading to the non-delivery of any product.

Orders are final, definitive and irrevocable when they have been confirmed by the Buyer’s payment, whether payable immediately, on credit terms or otherwise. The Buyer shall not cancel, modify or vary his order and any sums paid by the Buyer shall not be reimbursed. The Buyer shall bear all expenses incurred as a result of any cancellation, modification or variation thereof and shall bear all costs resulting from any form of disrupted order payment, including but not limited to online payment or fraud.

All products or services stated on the website are subject to availability of stocks, the seasonal change of flowers, plants and other products and are on a first-come-first served basis and for the avoidance of any doubt, any statement or representation on the Vendor’s website shall be treated as an invitation to treat and not an offer by the Vendor.

In the event stocks are sold out or in order to ensure that the Buyer’s order arrives on time, the Vendor reserves the right to replace and deliver a product (flowers and/or gift item and/or related accessories) with equivalent characteristics in terms of quality and price.

Notwithstanding the above, in the event of any error or mistake in pricing of any product or service, the Vendor shall notify the Buyer of the error or mistake and the Buyer shall forthwith pay the sum amounting to the difference or shortfall and delivery of the product to the Buyer or recipient may be withheld until such payment is made by the Buyer or the Vendor may at its absolute discretion avoid the agreement for purchase made by the Buyer and there shall be no claims by the Buyer, whether in tort, contract or otherwise, whether for damages, injunction, specific performance or otherwise, as a result of the Vendor exercising any of its rights under this clause.

Clause 4 - Submission of Orders & Additional Delivery Charges

There will be an additional delivery charge of S$20 if delivery is to be made to the following restricted areas, including but not limited to airport cargo complexes, army, naval, air force and civil defence camps, Sentosa and Jurong Island.

Clause 5 - Delivery

Delivery is deemed to have been made by direct delivery of the product to the address specified by the Buyer in the Order Form and is subject to the Buyer fulfilling all his obligations to the Vendor. In the event the addressee is absent or where there is no person at the said address able or willing to receive the product, the Vendor with the consent of the Buyer, will deliver the product to the Addressee’s doorstep or neighbour. Failing which, the Vendor will notify the Buyer or Addressee that the product could be collected within 24 hours of notification from a designated retail outlet of the Vendor.

In the event of a redirection or a second or any subsequent attempt delivery, there shall be an additional surcharge of S$20 for each redirection or attempt made.

If redelivery is not made on the same working day or the next working day, the Vendor reserves the right to replace the Buyer’s order with the same or equivalent to ensure that the quality of products sent to the recipients is not compromised. This order is chargeable at 10% discount of the original price and shall be applicable for all perishable products. Nothing herein shall prejudice the right of the Vendor to claim and charge for the original order.

There shall be no claim for damages or any consequential losses by the Buyer in the event of late deliveries.

In the event the product has not been delivered within the lead times as stated herein, subject to force majeure, the sale may be cancelled and the value of the order reimbursed to the Customer, exclusive of payment of any damages or indemnity. Such payment shall be treated as discharging in full any claims of the Customer.

Clause 6 - International Delivery

The Vendor shall not be liable for any damages, losses, loss of profits arising from any global delivery made to locations outside Singapore. For the avoidance of doubt, the Vendor shall not be deemed an agent, employee or servant of the Buyer or Interflora or any third party in relation to any agreement made by the Buyer with Interflora or any third party for international delivery. The parties to the said agreement shall be that between the Buyer and that third party or Interflora only. This is notwithstanding the use of the Buyer of this website for the purchase and delivery of products to locations outside Singapore.

Clause 7 - Claims

Any or all claims, whether in relation to quality of products, delivery or otherwise, shall be formally lodged in writing by email within 3 hours after delivery of the product.

Alternatively, customers may refer their complaints to the BusinessTrust Secretariat if they are not satisfied with the resolution of the complaint. Complaints can be referred to

BusinessTrust Secretariat
Mr. Ramesh Vakkiprath
35, Selegie Road, #09-25, Parklane,
Singapore 188307
Email :

Clause 8 - Returns

All returns must be expressly agreed in writing between the Vendor and the Customer, notified by the Buyer to the Vendor within three hours of delivery and subject to acceptance by the Vendor.

In the event of damaged products, visible defects or non-conformity of the products delivered, which matter is to be confirmed and verified by the Vendor as the sole judge thereof, the Vendor will at its discretion, allow the Buyer to obtain either a free replacement of the product ordered (flower and/or gift item and/or related accessories) or that of equivalent characteristics in terms of quality and price or the reimbursement of the sums paid by the Buyer exclusive of any indemnity, charge, damages or consequential losses and such replacement or reimbursement shall be treated as a final discharge of the online purchase agreement made between Buyer and Vendor and any claims in relation thereto. This is subject to the product being returned to the Vendor within 24 hours of delivery in its original condition and packing.

Clause 9 - Pricing

All products are provided at the prices in effect when the order was placed. Unless stated otherwise, all prices set out herein are in Singapore dollars.

Subject to the above, the Vendor reserves the right to amend, change or modify the pricing of any products from time to time as the Vendor in his absolute discretion deem fit without giving notice to any Buyer or potential Buyer.

Clause 10 - Forum and Jurisdiction

The Vendor shall treat all claims in good faith and use best efforts to resolve them amicably./

In the event of litigation arising out of any claim, suit, action, proceeding or dispute, the matter shall be resolved in the courts of the Republic of Singapore and is to be governed by the laws of Singapore. The Buyer accepts and submits to the jurisdiction of the Singapore courts and waives irrevocably to the fullest extent permitted by law, any objection relating to the laying of the venue of such claim, suit, action, proceeding or dispute.

Clause 11 - General Statements

  • Privacy & Confidentiality

    The Vendor shall maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all information submitted by the Buyer. The Vendor may monitor and track usage of the website, viewing and traffic patterns and other related information. We may use such information from time to time for internal and business purposes which includes improving our website, operations, service offerings, customer service and also for the purpose of sending the Buyer notices, newsletters, updates and other similar information.

    The Vendor shall not reveal, sell, trade or lease to any external organization or third party information relating to the Buyer unless directed by law.

  • Use of website material

    The contents of this website, including but not limited to text, photographs, graphics, animation, artwork, video, music, sound, logos, taglines, trademarks, software and other material, are protected by local and international intellectual property laws and are owned by the Vendor.

    The website and its contents are copyrighted under the copyright laws of the Republic of Singapore and the Vendor owns the copyright in the selection, co-ordination, arrangement and enhancement of the contents.

    The Buyer shall not sell or amend, remove or delete the contents of the website, augment, add to, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale of, create derivative works from or in any way exploit the contents, whether in whole or in part, or upload, post, reproduce, display, distribute or use the same in any way, whether by hyperlinks or otherwise, or for private, personal, public or commercial purposes, profit or otherwise, without the written consent or approval of the Vendor.

    In addition, use of any software content shall be governed by the software licensing agreement accompanying such software.

    The Vendor may at its absolute discretion remove or disable access to the website and/or its contents or part thereof without assigning any reason whatever.

  • Intellectual Property Rights is the domain name of the Vendor, Veronica’s Florists & Gifts Pte Ltd, a company registered in the Republic of Singapore. All trademarks, product names, company names, logos, taglines appearing on the website are the property of the Vendor’s.

  • Warranties

    The website and contents are provided on an "as is", "as available" basis and the Vendor and its suppliers specifically disclaim all warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of title, implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement of proprietary or third party rights. No oral or written information given by the Vendor or its affiliates, or any of its officers, agents, employees, providers, merchants, sponsors, licensors or the like, shall create a warranty.

    The Vendor or its suppliers make no representation or warranty about the accuracy, reliability, comprehensiveness or timeliness of the website contents or that the website will operate free from errors or that the website or its server are free from computer viruses or other deleterious or damaging matter.

  • Disclaimer

    The Vendor or its suppliers shall not be liable for any losses or damages suffered or incurred by any Buyer, user or third party, arising or resulting from the use or inability to use this website or its contents, whether relating to the servicing, replacing of any software, hardware, modem, equipment, data, information or part thereof or otherwise, or any losses or damages, whether arising directly, indirectly, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary or lost profits or otherwise, from such use or non-use, and whether the matter is based or arises in contract, tort, warranty, representation, statute, third party action or otherwise.

  • Links to other sites

    If the website contains any hyperlinks to third party websites, these links are not provided as an endorsement by the Vendor of the contents on such third party websites. The Vendor is not responsible for the contents on such third party websites and does not make any representation regarding the accuracy of materials on these sites. If the Buyer accesses such sites, it is at the Buyer’s own risk.

  • Indemnity

    The Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Vendor, its officers, directors, agents and employees from and against any claims, suits, actions, proceedings or demands arising or resulting from the Buyer’s use of the contents of the website including the software or from the Buyer’s breach of any terms or conditions stated herein. The Vendor shall notify the Buyer of any such claim, suit, action, proceedings or demand.

  • Right of removal & Third Party Content

    The Vendor shall not be responsible for screening, policing, monitoring or editing any contents, records or electronic communication of any kind provided by the Buyer or any third party. In the event of any allegation of infringing, defamatory, damaging, illegal improper or offensive contents, the Vendor may investigate the allegation and determine at its sole discretion whether to remove or request the removal of such contents from the website.

    The Vendor reserves the right to prohibit or remove any matter, communication or content that it deems in its sole discretion to be harmful or improper to users, the Vendor or any person, party or community, whether of the website or otherwise, or which is prejudicial to the rights or interest of the Vendor or any third party or which violates any applicable law. Notwithstanding this, neither the Vendor nor its affiliates, officers, agents, employees, providers, merchants, sponsors or licensors can ensure prompt editing or removal of harmful or improper contents and that being so, neither the Vendor nor its affiliates, officers, employees, agents, providers, merchants, sponsors or licensors shall assume liability for any action or inaction in relation to any conduct, communication or content in this website.

  • Online conduct

    Any conduct by the Buyer that in the Vendor’s sole discretion restricts, prevents or inhibits any other user from using or enjoying the website shall not be permitted. The Buyer and all users are prohibited from posting on or transmitting through the website any improper, unlawful, harmful, threatening, deleterious, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, profane, hateful, racially, religiously, ethnically, sexually or otherwise objectionable or discriminatory material of any kind, including but not limited to conduct that would constitute a criminal offence, giving rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable local or international customs or laws.

  • Communication of Buyer or Third Parties

    The Vendor shall not screen any public, Buyer or third party communication in advance. The Vendor shall not be responsible for the Buyer’s or any third party’s communication, conduct, contents, submissions or responses. Any product, concept, communication, idea, expression or information submitted by the Buyer or any third party to this website shall be considered public information and non-proprietary. The Vendor shall not be responsible or liable for any claims to intellectual property if the foregoing matters are used in promotions, marketing, advertising or product concepts.

  • Termination of use

    The Vendor may at its sole discretion terminate the Buyer’s access to all or part of this website without prior notice or assigning any reason whatsoever and the Vendor shall not be responsible to the Buyer nor incur any liability, whether civil or otherwise, as a result of exercising or enforcing its right of termination.

  • Export Control

    The Buyer shall comply with restrictions as set out in the export control laws and shall not export or re-export the products to countries or persons prohibited under such laws.

  • Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act

    A person who is not a party to this online agreement has no right under the Contracts (Right of Third Parties) Act (Cap 53B) to enforce any term of this agreement.

  • General

    Access to the contents of this website may not be lawful or legal by certain persons or persons in certain countries. The Buyer is responsible and undertakes to comply with the laws of his own jurisdiction and country in relation to access to the contents of this website.


Our Customer Policy

We value our customers dearly and seek to surpass your expectations. You can be assured of the exquisiteness of style and arrangement that is distinctive of Veronica's, product freshness and timely delivery. Please see Veronica's Creed.

Our Delivery Policy

Each floral arrangement or gift product is delivered by our professional delivery officers. While we guarantee the delivery of fresh bouquet, substitutions may be necessary at times due to the seasonal nature of flowers and their condition. Please see the online terms and conditions as regards delivery.

Our Security & Confidentiality Policy

Your security, privacy and confidentiality are important to us. We at Veronica's respect your right to maintain privacy and security and the online terms are specifically drafted in accordance with this philosophy.

Our Substitution or Replacement Policy

In the unlikely event of a substitution or replacement, we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the substituted or replacement products are equivalent, in terms of quality and pricing to the original products ordered.

Our Feedback Policy

We would be delighted to hear from you. You could contact us at +65 67371877 or email us at

All our policies are subject to our online terms and conditions of sale and purchase.

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